District Chair James Ellis
District Vice Chair Kevin Davis
Training Chair Joe Wilfing JRWILFING@GMAIL.COM
Activities Chair Brian Wozniak
Advancement Chair Clarence Carter
Camping Chair Jeffrey Klaybor
Cub Training Chair James Lietzan
District Banquet Chair Debra Wozniak
Eagle Advancement Chair Larry Grauvogel
Hispanic Scouting Chair Rebeca Frausto
Membership Chair Paul Schaefer
New Unit Chair David Loughlin
OA Advisor Chair Tim Monaghan
Pinewood Derby / Bowl-a-rama Chair James Mitchell
Popcorn Chair Tom Grant
Program Chair James Loyd
Round Table Chair Richard Depaepe
Round Table Chair Tammy Thompson
Scouting For Food Chair Tim Loughlin
Venture Chair Aaron Goldstein

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