Wilderness First Aid & CPR/AED Training

Friday April 22 – Sunday April 24. Camp Tamarack – Jones, Michigan

Is your unit going on a high adventure this summer or fall? Do you have an outdoor program that you want to ensure that the safety of our youth is first and foremost in mind?

What is it?

Wilderness First Aid (WFA) is the assessment of and treatment given to an ill or injured person in a remote environment where definitive care by a physician and/or rapid transport is not readily available. Participants will learn how to assess, treat, and (when possible) contain emergencies within the scope of their training. Youth and adult Scout leaders over age 14 are invited to participate and earn their certification.

Why is this important?

This course goes far beyond what you may know as “first aid.” While it contains substantial medical information and teaches skills required for medical emergencies in the wild, the deeper purpose is to train participants to manage acute situations. The bottom line is this: Better decision-making at the incident scene miles from base facilities can save valuable time and human resources. It can save lives, too.

Who is it for?

Youth and adult Scout leaders are encouraged to take this first-aid course, which offers a management dimension that most curriculums fail to address. Scout leaders will likely find it the most valuable program they’ll ever take.

Course modules ▪ Patient assessment ▪ Chest injuries ▪ Shock ▪ Head (brain) and spinal injuries ▪ Bone and joint injuries ▪ Wounds and wound infection ▪ Abdominal problems
▪ Hypothermia ▪ Heat problems ▪ Lightning ▪ Altitude illnesses ▪ Submersion incidents ▪ Allergies and anaphylaxis ▪ Wilderness first-aid kits ▪ Scenarios



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