Algonquian District Committee Agenda

LaSalle Council, BSA,  
Algonquian District Committee

February 4, 2016, 7:00pm Meeting

  1. Welcome                                                                                               Jim Ellis
  2.   Pledge/Invocation                                                                              Jim Ellis
  3. Introductions                                                                                        Jim Ellis
  4. District Committee Retreat                                                                  Jim Ellis
  5. District Award of Merit                                                                       Kevin Davis
  6. Commissioner Update                                                                         Randy Yoho
    • New Commissioners
    • Commissioner Tools
    • Charters


  1. Program                                                                                                Shawn Way
    • Klondike Derby Recap                                                     Lonnie Moore
    • Order of the Arrow                                                          Tim Monaghan
    • Advancement                                                                     Earl Carter
    • Training                                                                               Joe Wilfing
    • Camping                                                                              Jeff Klaybor
    • First Aid Meet                                                                    Rich Swartz
    • District Dinner                                                                    Deb Wozniak


  1. Finance Update                                                                                      Tom Hoogland/ Chris Dautel
    • 2016
    • Family Campaign
    • Berrien Event
    • Mayors Luncheon
    • Batteries


  1. Communications


  1. Membership                                                                                           Paul Schaefer

*New Units

Current Membership


  1. Journey To Excellence                                                                            Tom Hoogland

Next meeting March 3rd
Next Meeting January 7th.

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